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Growing up in Brazil, the yucca plant was a staple ingredient in my home; From yucca fries to pão de queijo, its versatility made it possible to incorporate it in many dishes. My mother used yucca in many of her recipes, my favorite being biscoitinho or biscuit. My mother had a dream to bring her recipes to life into a business, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to. I want to bring that dream back and make it come alive with YuSnack so that everyone can enjoy something without the need to reach for a snack that you might regret later. Starting YuSnack, I realized I wanted it to be something healthier that my own children can take on the go and munch on later without craving something unhealthy. I’ve watched the news, read articles, and watched TikTok trends of healthy eating and mindfulness. I wanted to include that in my products. I replaced common oils and salts with avocado oil and pink Himalayan salt to still give it that pop of flavor without risking the benefits. Now, I have a product I’m confident in sharing. With YuSnack being gluten-free. We provide several flavors! I hope to share this journey of building healthy yet tasty snacks for all to enjoy, no matter the time of day.

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